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Information about audio & oral history material at Derby Local Studies Library

Main subjects covered by recordings:

DERBY CITY LIBRARIES: “Derby Living Archive”
PC software interface with edited video interviews, plus unedited source footage on CD-ROM
A Millennium project by Derby City Libraries. Short video clips of Derby people of different ages talking about life in Derby, past and present. Available on Public PCs at Derby Local Studies Library
Not accessioned

BA900 DERBY COMMUNITY ARTS: “Memories of Derby’s West End”
14 audio cassettes
Recordings made in preparation for the play “West end, best end” staged by Derby Community Arts – property of Derby Community Arts (now Derby Quad)
Accession number (Acc.) 40608

BA900 BBC RADIO DERBY: “Untold Stories”
1 audio cassette
Oral history of people who have moved to Derby
Acc. 56084

BA394.44 BBC RADIO DERBY: “Derby’s Royal Occasion: a unique souvenir of the two royal visits to the Jubilee City of Derby 1977”
1 audio disc
Acc. 40209

A750 BBC RADIO DERBY: “47 tapes of radio programmes of local interest”
spool tapes
Acc. 40607

A900 BBC RADIO DERBY: “People and Places”
25 spool tapes
(n.d. – c.1970s)
Acc. 40606

BA900 BBC RADIO DERBY: “Remembering the old days”
1 audio cassette
BBC Radio Derby recording
Acc. 52244

BA921 BBC RADIO DERBY: “Brian Clough Memorial Service”
2 audio cassettes
Recording from 24/10/04 of service at Pride Park, 21/10/04
Acc. 56800

BA796.33 BBC RADIO DERBY: “The Derby County Story”
2 audio cassettes
printed by Derby Co-operative Press Ltd
Acc. 33409

BA796.33 BBC RADIO DERBY: “Back in the big time: the story of Derby County’s promotion to the premiership: season 1995/96”
1 audio cassette
Narrated by Graham Richards
Producer: Colin Gibson
Acc. 47750

BA900 BBC RADIO DERBY: “Westenders”
1 audio cassette
Producer: Jan Rogers
Acc. 46781

A427 VARIOUS: “Oral Histories”
172 spool tapes
Acc. 40609

A750 VARIOUS: “48 tapes of local events/arts 1976-1991”
73(?) audio tapes
Acc. 40605

CHRISTIAN, Roy: “History of Derby”
3 audio cassettes
BBC Radio Derby recording
Acc. 56916/56917/56918

LONGDEN, Deric: ““It’s been a funny week…” the best of Deric Longden’s Radio Derby broadcasts 1974-1989”
2 audio cassettes
Acc. 40062

BA921 HODGKINSON, Eric: “The Life Story of Eric Hodgkinson: a Police Officer with Derby Borough Police”
7 audio Cassettes
Recorded by H.E. Rhodes
Acc. 56934

BA900 DERBY MUSEUMS AND ART GALLERY: “Jubilations – How Derby’s People Celebrate”
CDs, minidisks, summary notes, floppy discs and transcripts. Also a CD of highlights: “How people celebrated in 1977”
Ten Derby residents reminisce about their childhood, education, work and leisure.
Acc. 61177-61186/61188

BA629.2 XTREME MEDIA: Rolls Royce at War
20mins DVD/Video + audio cassettes of unedited interviews
Created for Liberation Day to commemorate the 60th anniversary of WWII
Acc. 56952-56958/56919/56920/56991

BA629.1 ROLLS ROYCE HERITAGE TRUST: Jet Oral History Project
61 Audio cassettes
No Acc. number

That is all the recorded material that is catalogued – more may exist in deposited collections. Further details about some of the BBC Radio Derby programmes are available on a typed list at the library. Below are typed transcripts etc. from various recordings or broadcasts:

GF396 CARTER, Jayne: School and family life of former women pupils at St John’s School, Belper 1946-50 Oral History Project.
Author’s Typescript 42pp. Illus
Acc. 49904/51716

A900 WOOD, Gladys E: Milestones: reminiscences Derby: G. Wood 1973
Scripts for BBC Radio Derby Broadcasts.
Acc. 22292

A900 WOOD, Gladys E: Milestones II: broadcasts on B.B.C. Radio Derby between September 1973 and December 1976.
Scripts for BBC Radio Derby Broadcasts. 30pp
Acc. 22292

SN900 SHEPHERD, Hilda: Dethick, Lea and Holloway childhood reminiscences VI Lea Bridge: George Wigglesworth
Transcription from a BBC Radio Derby broadcast in 1982
2002, 28pp
Acc. 60757

Listening arrangements:

Note that the Library does not have the facilities for people to play back the audio cassette material. Please contact for further information.


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