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The National Forest’s LANDshapes project interview with Cath Coleman

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LANt016 Cath Coleman
LANDshapes Oral History interview summary

Young-at-heart Cath Coleman moved from Edingale to Catton Hall at the age of 14 where she worked as a housemaid for 36 years. Listen to Cath's fascinating story of life 'in service' as she remembers living in servants' quarters at the "top o' the 'all, top of the 'ouse" and warmly recalls other members of staff such as Nellie who was the "…lady's maid as well as 'ead 'ousemaid". Hear Cath's story unfold as she tells us of Christmases past, "There'd be the farm workers, the game staff, the chauffeurs, the gardeners, highest staff all come together Christmas and 'ave a party and whist drive …and you'd 'ave a Christmas present give you. It'd be a Christmas tree with…the presents around". Listen to her memories of spring cleaning at Catton Hall which she describes as a "big job…you could be three days on one room". Finally, Cath talks of her lifelong love for Catton, listing some of the friends and colleagues who have happily stayed. As she says "…we've all stayed 'ere. Just 'cause we've liked bein' 'ere".

Interviewer: Roger Kitchen.
Date of interview: 02/03/2005
Landshape Zone: Mease and Sence Lowlands
Parish: Catton
Location: Catton, Derbyshire,
Date of birth:17/11/1935
Location of Original: Originals held with The National Forest Company.
Reference LANt016

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