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The National Forest’s LANDshapes project interview with Norman Clark

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LANt030 Norman Clark
LANDshapes Oral History interview summary

In this absorbing recording discover why an 8 year old Norman Clark used to 'skive off' from school and how he came to work with German prisoners of war in 1944. Listen as Norman talks of his days at Calke Abbey (the third generation of his family to do so), his recollections of the people and events which have shaped his memories and hear about his first marital home that had 'No services whatsoever…no electricity, oil lamps' or even candles! Hear Norman tell the riveting story of how the Ashby Show was held at Calke in 1965 'Now that was when my life changed - it was a hectic 12 months….getting ready for the show that was coming in '65 - a lot of activity'. Find out about his 'magical' place at Calke 'I always enjoyed sitting at the top of he park above the meadow piece….it is in the top of the park, right on the edge where the medieval oaks start….to be in Calke Park at night is magical' ….and who was the intriguingly named Agathis Pegg?

Interviewer: Roger Kitchen.
Interview Date: 30/03/2005
Landshape Zone: Melbourne Parklands
Parish: Melbourne
Location: Melbourne, Derbyshire,
Date of birth: 09/03/1932
Location of Original: Originals held with The National Forest Company
Reference LANt030

Photo of Norman Clark

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