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The National Forest’s LANDshapes Oral Histories

Interviewees 1-18

LANt001 Denis Baker
LANt002 Horace Sankey
LANt003 Robin Neilson
LANt004 Tim Adkin
LANt005 Steve Gardner
LANt006 John & Pearl Baker
LANt007 Monica Hudson
LANt008 Gordon Beardsley
LANt009 Steve Hodson
LANt010 Marjorie Calow
LANt011 Rev Len Haynes
LANt012 Christine and Arthur Kennedy
LANt013 Stephen Saunders
LANt014 John Hodgetts
LANt015 Fr John Paul Sanderson
LANt016 Cath Coleman
LANt017 Betty Appleby
LANt018 Francis Geary



The East Midlands Oral History Archive at the Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester, is pleased to host the oral history collection of LANDshapes. Comprising 36 audio interviews and transcripts, these memories are a fascinating resource for anyone interested in the National Forest and the lives of its people.

LANDshapes is a heritage project designed and hosted by The National Forest Company, working with local people to gather together information about the heritage of The National Forest. This partnership is creating an archive of knowledge and memories about the area, to be shared by everyone. The National Forest is an evolving and flourishing area - a landscape for the future whose growth and cultures are celebrated by LANDshapes.

For more information about LANDshapes and the National Forest have a look at their website:



Please note that the sound files have been removed from each of these pages. The pages have been left online for information but you will have to contact the National Forest to arrange to listen to the recordings.

Interviewees 19-36

LANt019 John Haywood
LANt020 Ernie Sutton
LANt021 Harry Whitworth
LANt022 Ken Betteridge
LANt023 Maurice West
LANt024 Gordon Foddy
LANt025 Bernice Hall
LANt026 John Oakland
LANt027 Harry Hines
LANt028 Baz Forgham
LANt029 John Bonnett
LANt030 Norman Clark
LANt031 Bill Bentley
LANt032 Edna Hughes
LANt033 Vera Hammonds
LANt034 Celia & Roger Miles
LANt035 Glenna Newbold
LANt036 Dorthy Lawrence

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