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The experience of being on strike

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So of course it got to a breaking point, and, er, we had a meeting and then we, we decided it was no-go and we came out on strike.

The motormen and the conductors was watching what happened with us because they said if they could do it in a factory with us then it would go across the board with everybody you see. Going back to these collecting boxes, we used to stand, and especially the day that the tramway men was paid, and they gave us very generously, I mean, you know, ten bob (50p) in those days was a hell of a lot of money, but you would get that because they thought that we was doing something that might be for them eventually if you know what I mean.

We used to go on picket - there was some girls went in to work but they went in by coach and we used to shout at them, but that was all there was.

I had to pack it up and go home 'cos I was in digs, and I mean I did all sorts of things - I scrubbed down my landlady's kitchen and, you know, all sorts of things to, you know, to help out, then she would take something off my board you see. I was paying 18 bob (90p) a week then, board, and it was a lot of money, a lot of money.

I think I was at home about three weeks, something like that, and then I had a telegram saying starting work on Monday you see, so I came back, and the Wolsey leant us a pound to start us up. After the trauma of the seven week strike it was agreed that we was re-timed, and this is what it was - re-timing of the job. Then they was more moderate, they reasoned things out more. From that day on I never looked back.

You can hear more of this tape on request. Contact the Records Office and quote Accession Number 000409 Collection Number LO/029/C29.
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