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My mother said, 'What you going to do?'. So I said, oh, I said I think I'll be a hairdresser. 'Cos you see, no way... I never thought about going in an office because it wasn't very well paid you know in them days, the office kids only got about 10/- (50p) I think. I said, oh I'll be hairdresser. Well there was a lady hairdresser in Shilton but she wanted paying to take me in and there weren't a lot of scope then, I should have had to gone Leicester and my mum said no way were I going Leicester, so I had a month where I didn't go to work did I, because I didn't want to go work.

So some lady, I mean, I could smack her really, she said, 'You got any work?', so I said 'No', we hadn't been after any, so she says Bradbury's the hosiery want girls. So my mum done no more than turns round and takes me up there - 'cos you went with them then you know, like little dogs, see, what they told you, you'd go - so I went with her. 'Oh yes, yes, we'll set you on, start on Monday'. I didn't say to her I didn't want to go Mam, I'm not going, I went.

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Q: Did you want to say that?

Yes, yes, I didn't want to go at all, I didn't like it at all, but I got on and, of course I wasn't over-strong, and I got on and I was earning about 36/- (1.80p) which was good 'cos my dad's farm labourers were only getting that.

Q: A week?

A week. 'Cos they put me on... I only had 10/- (50p) for start but when they put me on my own time, you see I was with a lot of older women, I earnt 36/-, mind you they were earning £2 or £2 odd. So I was doing alright, but they hadn't got no work, so of course I was having half days and days off, so when it come to going to work I didn't want to go did I, 'cos I didn't really enjoy it, I only enjoyed the money. So one of my mam's friends, her husband was a pattern cutter down at Eatough's and Forman.

Q: Is that Shilton?

Shilton, yes. So she said, 'Ain't you at work?', so I said, 'No, I've got no work'. So she says why don't you let me ask my husband to get you a job. So I said, 'Oh, would he?'. I was 17 nearly then, so of course he got me a job and I never looked back from there, never lost any time, got on a machine, soon got going and earnt the money, and I went back and forward to there until I was about 59 and then you see they used to retire you at 60.

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