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The First day at work

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Q: Can you remember your first day at work, that very first when you were 14?

Oh yes, it was horrible, it had got a horrible smell you know. See, the shoeing had got a smell, and the hosiery, and it smelt of oil. And I thought...

Q: The hosiery smelt of oil?

Oil, you could smell it as you went up the... it's something they done the fabric with I should think. I thought, oh dear, I thought I shall never eat my lunch, but do you know, I ate my lunch every day and I began to get fat, you know, well, to what I were, 'cos I were a thin person, you know. I enjoyed it really, at times.

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Q: What were the women like who you worked with? Did you get along?

I got along with them alright. A bit rough and ready and they used to tell me no end of tales, you know, how they do, 'course I used to ask them some things, ha ha!

Q: Can you remember any?

Oh I do, I do remember it, some of the things they used to tell you, you know, 'cos they'd tell you all, you know

Q: What, women's things?

Yes, yes.

You can hear more of this tape on request. Contact the Records Office and quote Accession Number 000298 Collection Number WF/005/HO3.

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