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The effect of the introduction of the system

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Before they introduced Bedaux, I mean, I could earn my money on it, and did do, but then when they, when they brought this system, of course it floored everybody, I mean it... they just didn't know what to do, you know, to try and better themselves, I mean after all you could only, you could only keep working. They hadn't done enough research, they didn't realise the implications of what it could do to a human being. One girl can adapt, another girl can't. I saw them go hysterical, I saw them cry, I saw one girl faint. And I don't think that any system should be allowed to do that to a person, I think it should have been gone into a lot more before it was introduced. I would go as far as to say that it gave Wolsey a bad name.

You can hear more of this tape on request. Contact the Records Office and quote Accession Number 000409 Collection Number LO/029/C29.
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