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War Years

During WW2 the park had sheep grazing on it, and wheat, barley and potatoes were grown. The local Home Guard were in Braunstone Hall, the American 82nd Airborne Division arrived in Leicester on 14th February 1944 with Major General Ridgeway as their Divisional Commander, and from 29th June 1945, the 53rd (Bolton) Field Regiment Royal Artillery were stationed on the park.

There was a housing shortage after the war. Some people ended up in the armed forces' vacated Nissen huts for a while. These were cold, leaky, heated by coke burners, and had an intermittent electrical supply. People also lived in 'prefabs' which were erected along Hockley Farm Road, as well as in other parts of the city (and were still there up to the 1980s). It was estimated that another 10,000 houses were needed in the city.

Click on the picture below to see an aerial photo from 1945.


Estate and Park

Braunstone Village


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Aerial view of Braunstone          


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Aerial view of Braunstone