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South Braunstone

In 1925, the 1,200 acre Braunstone Estate was compulsorily purchased and the initial plan was for 1,200 houses. The principles of Garden Suburb design had been established by this time: the streets had open spaces, wide verges, many trees, curves rather than straight lines; the houses had rustic features, cavity walls, good sized gardens and plenty of light; there were bungalows for the elderly.

The rents of the houses varied according to the type from 7s (35p) to 10s (50p) a week, though the bulk of them ranged from 8s 6d (42p) to 10s (50p) a week, exclusive of rates. At the end of 1926 the number of applicants on the waiting list was 6,000. However, there was recognition that the rents charged still excluded the very poorest of Leicester's citizens.

Leicester's council housing construction increased to a peak in 1927, but the economic and political climate was changing and the emphasis was becoming more on housing for those displaced by slum clearance than on general additions to the housing stock. Also, low interest rates and cheap mortgages became available, and the owner-occupier became the focus of new building.

The new, modern, houses were desirable places to be, although there was an initial lack of amenities and those used to close knit living in the terraced houses of the city could find themselves having to adjust to the wide open spaces of suburbia. As there were no shops, mobile vans came round on new estates. Firms touted for trade, trying to sell insurance, carpets etc. Eventually tenants' associations were formed and activities such as gardening competitions helped to create a community feeling.

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Estate and Park

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