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Further Reading


Batt E., Braunstone at War

Leicester City Council, The Quality of Leicester (1995)

Wilshere, J., Old Braunstone (1983)


Burnett J., A Social History of Housing 1815-1970 (1978)

Cartwright T.C., Birds Eye Wartime Leicestershire 1939-1940 (2002)

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An online timeline showing the history of social housing - http://socialhousinghistory.org.uk/


Braunstone Memories, hosted by EMOHA, has photos of the area.

St Peter's Church website has some written memories of Braunstone.

The City Council's History of Braunstone Park

Leicestershire Parish Council's History of Braunstone Town


The West End - EMOHA accession number 385, collection number LO/005/C5.

Growing Up in New Road - EMOHA accession number 388, collection number LO/008/C8

Leicester's Slums - EMOHA accession number 390, collection number LO/010/C10

Housing the People - EMOHA accession number 397, collection number LO/017/C17.

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Estate and Park

Braunstone Village


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