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A description of regulations and the bailiffs.

[Sound clip on bailiffs]
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Mr Fyffe, he were the housing manager, he were very very strict. He used to come round every week, if he saw any garden not dug, broken windows, he'd be on your door, knocking. Threats if they didn't want done, out you go. He were very strict but he was very very nice.

We had a young couple next door, got no children. Come one dinner time, bum bailiffs chucked them out, come walking out with their dinner in a baking tin, come in here, said come and finish your dinner in here, we've got the bums next door - they couldn't go in - they'd nailed the door up and everything.

That was the name then, bum bailiffs, yeah, they used to put a big note on your door - nobody was to enter - and nailed the doors up. Oh I've seen quite a few of them. People over the road, they've been... had the bums, they were a young couple but they just chucked them out like that, they... lost all their furniture and everything. They couldn't get another house, they had to go and take pot luck. They didn't nurse maid them then.

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This sound clip has been taken from the Leicester Oral History Archive recording 'Housing the People', EMOHA accession number 397, collection number LO/017/C17.


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