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Belgrave Memories Photos


During the project many of the interviewees donated photographs and documents. The following are a small selection of these:


1. Link to photo of Leics Regiment 2. Link to photo of shop 3. Link to photo of VE Day party 4Link to photo of family in Bombay. 5. Link to photo of Frankie Vaughan
6. Link to photo of Kapasi family 7. Link to photo of children playing


1.Link to photo of Melton Road 2. Link to photo of Watson Road garden 3. Link to photo of a living room


1. Link to photo of class at Ellis Rd School 2. Link to photo of school class

Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre

1. Link to arcticle about the Centre 2. Link to article about the Centre


1. Link to photo of Belgrave Crier articles 2. Link to photo of Award of Merit for safe driving 3. Link to photo of news clipping about Diwali in 1979





Sound Clips

Hear extracts from some of the interviews

Photo Gallery

Look at photographs of Belgrave and some of its people.

More information

Further information about Belgrave.

Information about the people involved with this project.


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