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The interviews listed below have been extracted from a number of different archives: those whose reference numbers start with NH, belong to the Natural Heroes Collection that was recorded as part of the Leicestershire County Council's Community Heritage Initiative; the interview labelled TP03 was recorded by Melton Carnegie Museum as part of an oral history project all about sport in the area of Melton Mowbray; and the remaining interview (NBLE1) was conducted as part of another study undertaken by the Co-researcher for this project, Natalie Braber (Nottingham Trent University).

Older Male - NH9

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    In this short extract our interviewee talks about his love for all things natural, which is a passion that sparked out of his own interest rather than one that he shares with his family.

    Older Female - TP03

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    In this extract our interviewee tells of her involvement with the local bowls club - Melton Indoor Bowls - and describes the competitions that take place in the summer.

    Younger Male - NH8

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    In this extract our interviewee describes his interest in all things natural and their artistic potential. He also tells us of his involvement with the Artists for Nature Foundation, which raises money for conservation.

    Younger Female - NBLE1

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    In this extract our young interviewee describes the Leicester area as "not a great place for young people" as there aren't many local activities for older children and teenagers.



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