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How can I request a recording

  1. You need to check that a copy of the master recording is available to listen to (copies: yes/no in full report). If the catalogue indicates there is a copy contact the Record Office to make an appointment to listen to the recordings you require. At least one week's advance notice is required. You will need to have the Accession number, Collection number and Collection title ready when you call. Ring 0116 257 1080 to make an appointment. Remember recordings can have different playing times and some interviews comprise a number of tapes, so try and check the playing time when it is given and request those you can listen to in the time available. You may also want to request a summary if it is available.

  2. If no copy is indicated or you are unsure if there is a copy contact the Record Office on 0116 257 1080 and make a Sound Recording Request for a copy to be made of the copy/copies you require to listen to. Give the Accession number, Collection number and Collection title for the items you require. You will be informed as soon as the copy is available and can then arrange a time to listen.

  3. On arrival at the Record Office you will be asked to fill-in request forms for the material you wish to hear, so be sure to have your references, giving Accession number, Collection number and Collection title.





Where: To access a recording you will need to go to the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland in Wigston Magna.

When: Recordings can only be listened to by appointment made at least a week in advance. Follow the link to view Record Office opening times.

Record Office Requirements

Reader's Tickets

For access to the Record Office you must have either a Day Ticket or a valid County Archives Research Network (CARN) Reader's Ticket. The appropriate ticket can be obtained from the receptionist provided you have sufficient proof of identity.

  1. Day Tickets. If yours is a 'one off' visit you will be issued with a Day Ticket.

  2. CARN Ticket. If you will need to visit the Record Office again you must obtain a County Archive Research Network(CARN) Reader's Ticket. You can use this Ticket at a number of record offices around the country.

Proof of Identity

To obtain either a CARN Ticket or a Day Ticket you must show the Receptionist official document(s) which carry your name and address. Examples are: driving licence, library ticket with address, pension , benefit book or utility bill etc. It is acceptable to offer more than one document if, together they provide the required level of proof.

Please note the Receptionist is not authorised to issue reader's Tickets without sufficient proof of identity.


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