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Foxhunting: Past, Present, Future?

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Foxhunting: Past, Present, Future? Collection

Physical Detail

Number of items in the collection: 32 items
Venues where material can be listened to: EMOHA, Melton Mowbray Museum
Media available on: CD

Collection History

The project 'Foxhunting: Past, Present, Future?' ran for one year from October 2005 in the Melton Mowbray area.  The aim was to impartially record the impact of the Hunting Act (2004) from all points of view and discover other fox hunting collections. Interviews were conducted with 39 people and information from the project has created an oral history archive, educational resources, and website. Note that the collection is not on the EMOHA catalogue.

What the Collection Contains

The collection includes interviews on a range of subjects connected with fox hunting. Opinions are recorded from those who oppose hunting and from those who are pro-hunting, as well as those whose professions are affected by hunting either directly or indirectly.


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