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The Whittlewood Research Group

Following the success of the Whittlebury Archaeology Roadshow and the interest expressed in the project by all those who attended the day, the Whittlewood Project team has decided to form the Whittlewood Research Group.  The Research Group is open to everyone with an interest in the history and archaeology of the Whittlewood area (as defined in the project outline) and especially those who live in or near the area and want to get involved the ongoing research.

The Research Group will:

  • help to structure any input into the project that you might like to make, from your continued help with identifying artefact find spots to helping with some of our other research.

  • provide a forum at which we can advertise our activities, report on progress, and continue the good work already begun 

  • organise workshops which you can attend

  • organise fieldwork in which you can participate  

If you would be interested in becoming a member of this group, just fill in the boxes at the bottom of this page and click the submit button.  Your details will be sent automatically by email to the project team at the University of Leicester.

Artefacts Workshop

We are keen that you continue to keep you eyes open for more finds. The roadshow has already suggested a couple of unknown sites which may form the focus of future work. At present, however, we are keen to establish an overall picture of what was happening throughout the Whittlewood area from the prehistoric period to the present day. In order to help you to help us we thought it might be useful to organise an artefact workshop where we could introduce archaeological artefacts in more detail. There is nothing better than handling artefacts to learn about them. If you would be interested in coming along, please tick the appropriate box on the form below. We can then start to plan a date and a local venue. It would be free of course!


Many of you have expressed an interest in getting involved with fieldwork. There will be fieldwork taking place throughout the year and we will keep you informed if we need help. 

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I want to become a member of the Whittlewood Research Group        

I would be interested in attending an artefact identification workshop    

I would be interested in participating in fieldwork