Minutes of the VAHS Annual General Meeting held at

Vaughan College on Friday 28 October 2005


1. Apologies:  Pam Kilby, Annette Shaw.


2. Minutes of the AGM held 15 Oct 2004: Accepted as a true record.


3. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.


4. Reports:

Chairmanís report:  Ted Humphreys, the retiring Chairman, thanked the committee members for their help and support over the past year.  He also thanked Eileen and Keith Hammersley for their work in manning the Societyís book box throughout the year.

He believed that the Societyís Winter and Summer programmes had been wide ranging, varied and successful.  There had been a good range of speakers during the winter months and a summer outings programme that had been well supported.   He especially noted the visit to the Police Air Support Unit which not only included a good guided tour of the unitís helicopter, but a callout made whilst we were visiting enabled members to see the unitís callout in action.

The Society had been approached by other Societies for financial support for their causes, but these had been refused.  A dwindling membership and subscriptions together with increasing costs is having an effect on the Societyís funds.

Josie Bicker proposed accepting the Chairmanís report; seconded Margaret Danson.


Treasurerís report:  Sheila Yates, who had accepted the post after last yearís AGM, presented the Societyís accounts.  She outlined the difficulties of getting information from the Alliance and Leicester Bank and then transferring the account to the Co-operative Bank.   The balance sheet shows a slight surplus of £8.08p, but a £45 cheque for the 31 August Everards Brewery tour has still to clear.

N.B The subscription increase (£9 & &16) agreed at last yearís AGM have not been implemented because of wrong information provided by the Sec).

M Danson proposed accepting the Treasurerís report; seconded Mark Carne


Margaret Danson also proposed a vote of thanks to Sheila Yates for her efforts in producing the annual account, given the problems experienced. (seconded by Sylvia Gibson)


5. Election of Officers:

Chairman             Margaret Danson                        Proposed Ted Humphreys,                        Seconded Mark Carne

Vice Chairman   Heather Carne                               ď           Ted Humphreys                           ď              Mark Carne

Treasurer          Sheila Yates                                   ď            DME Armitage                               ď            Josie Bicker

Secretary          Gerry Stacey                                ď             Mark Carne                         ď                     DME Armitage


6. Election of committee members:

John Swinfield-Wells (Membership Sec) Greta Bateman, Peter Yates, Josie Bicker, Alan White had all agreed to stand.  There being no other nominations, all were elected.


7. AOB

There being no other business, the AGM was closed and the speaker for the evening, Malcolm Elliott, was introduced.