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Vaughan College, Leicester and the Department of Adult Education at Leicester University became associated with a series of academic lectures each year at All Saints' Church, Brixworth, Northamptonshire.  The annual lectures are given on the Saturday nearest All Saints' Day, 1st November.  Ticket sales benefit the Friends of All Saints' Church, Brixworth, to help support their work in preserving this ancient church.  It is perhaps England's best surviving Anglo-Saxon church.


1983 - All Saints' Church, Brixworth: How the present church took its shape - Dr H M Taylor *
1984 - Some Dedications and Guilds of All Saints - Dr G H Martin
1985 - Anglo-Saxon Sculpture in and around Northamptonshire - Professor R J Cramp
1986 - Egypt and Brixworth: an Anglo-Saxon journey in 1847 - M Biddle
1987 - Two Anglo-Saxon Rituals: the dedication of a church and the judicial ordeal - Dr D W Rollason *
1988 - The Meaning of Mercian Sculpture - Professor R N Bailey *
1989 - Rooms around the church - R K Morris
1990 - Anglo-Saxon Missionaries in Germany: personal connections and local influences - Dr R McKitterick *
1991 - The Making of a Saint: some pre-Viking cults in the East Midlands - Dr A T Thacker
1992 - The Church and the Law in early Anglo-Saxon England - Professor H R Lyon *
1993 - The Councils of Clofesho - Dr S D Keynes *
1994 - The Saxon-Norman Overlap in Architecture - Professor E C Fernie
1995 - Continuity and Diversity: Minster churches and territorial organisations in Anglo-Saxon England - Dr W J Blair
1996 - Opening the Franks Casket - Professor M J Swanton *
1997 - St Augustine, St Gregory and the origins of English Christianity - Professor D N Dumville
1998 - On Bells and Belltowers: and evolution from late Antiquity to the Middle Ages - Dr N Christie
1999 - Sculpture topic: the Sandbach Crosses - Dr J Hawkes
2000 - Chapels and Chantries in Medieval Northamptonshire - Dr D Parsons
2001 - Methods of Making: techniques and perceptions in the production of
Manuscripts in Anglo-Saxon England - Dr M Brown
2002 - For information on this please log onto www.brixworthfriends.org.uk
and Brixworth Lecture at the foot of the home page or go to: http://www.le.ac.uk/history/news/Brixworth2002.html

N.B. Lectures marked with * have been published and copies are available by
contacting John Dawkins via The Friends website or by 'phone on 01604 880604.  Several of these lectures were published in the series of Vaughan Papers, published by the Department of Adult Education, University of Leicester and are available through Vaughan College, Leicester.

Different arrangements have now been made for publishing other lectures in the series.  The 1998 and 1999 lectures are now being prepared for publication.  For further details contact:

Jo Story, Department of History, University of Leicester, University Road, LEICESTER LE1 7RH

Email: js73@le.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)116 252 2761


The Brixworth Lectures supplement an older series of annual lectures given at St Paul's Church, Jarrow (Tyne & Wear).  This church is on the site of the Saxon monastery at Jarrow where the Venerable Bede, England's first historian, began his career in the Church.

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