The New Dishley Society

Photograph of a Longhorn Cow

Perpetuating the memory of master livestock breeder, Robert Bakewell of Dishley Grange, Loughborough, Leicestershire, 1725-1795.

The New Dishley Society exists to promote the memory of Robert Bakewell of Dishley Grange (1725-1795), and of his contemporaries and students of his methods.

It aims to disseminate knowledge of his work and appreciation of his pioneering legacy in the breeding of improved farm livestock; he improved the Longhorn breed of cattle, developed the New Leicester sheep and bred the Improved Black Cart Horse which later became the Shire Horse; and better crop management through purpose built watering systems.

It supports research into the revolutionary agricultural techniques of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and into the men who developed these techniques.

The New Dishley Society Welcomes:

  • New members with an interest in livestock breeding and 18th century farming;
  • Records and traditions of 18th century farming, marketing and the Unitarian Church from Leicestershire and the surrounding counties.

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New Memorial Plaque for Robert Bakewell, December 17th 2019 NEW



Robert Bakewell and the Longhorn Breed of Cattle
by Pat Stanley, £15.00 plus P&P

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Painting of Robert Bakewell on Horse
Robert Bakewell of Dishley Grange