The New Dishley Society

Photograph of a Longhorn Cow

Perpetuating the memory of master livestock breeder, Robert Bakewell of Dishley Grange, Loughborough, Leicestershire, 1725-1795.


Membership Application

Robert Bakewell of Dishley Grange, Loughborough (1725-1795) is acknowledged around the world as the man who was the main pioneer in the breeding of improved farm livestock. He has been described as “the most original” of all the great agricultural pioneers of the eighteenth century. He also stands as the most important of Leicestershire’s historic figures.

The Society passionately believes that Bakewell’s legacy should be more widely disseminated and that further research into his work should be encouraged. To this end, the Society organises occasional exhibitions, and visits and talks for members on topics related to the work of Bakewell and his period. The current research project is to trace his influence through 18th and early 19th century newspaper advertisements for the sale of animals from his breeding stock.

If you would be interested in joining the Society and helping us achieve our aims, please email the Secretary on for details. The annual individual subsciption is £5; academic membership is £50 and corporate membership is £100.