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The Rise of Imperialism

Staff contact: Dr P Kidambi

Module Outline

In this lecture/tutorial course, students will be introduced to the historical processes through which British colonial influence spread across the globe. The course concentrates on three main regions: Africa south of the Sahara, Australasia and South Asia. Consideration is also given to the Caribbean and Indian Ocean islands. The socio-economic impact of colonial expansion will be considered in some depth together with early contestations of imperialism.

Short Reading List

Given its scope, there is no single text book for this course. The books listed here are all recommended and are available in the University Library and/or from the University Bookshop.

C.A. Bayly, Indian Society and the Making of the British Empire

Judith Brown, Modern India: the origins of an Asian democracy

P.J. Cain & A.G. Hopkins, British Imperialism, volume I.

A. Hopkins, An Economic History of West Africa

Robert Hughes, The Fatal Shore

J. Iliffe, Africans; the history of a continent

F.W. Knight (ed.), General History of the Caribbean: vol. 3, the slave societies of the Caribbean

E. Said, Orientalism

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