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Pre-Modern World 1
The Economic and Social Development of Britain before 1800

Staff Contact: Dr Peter Musgrave (Att.710)

Aims and objectives

To provide students with an introduction to the economic and social history of Britain between the late 15th century and the beginning of modern industrialisation. To introduce students to different perception and different economic and social strategies. To encourage students in an empathic understanding of the more remote past.

Module outline

The period between the late 15th century and the end of the 18th saw the transformation of England's economy and society from a medieval pattern to a more recognisably modern one, out of which grew the Industrial Revolution and our modern society. This module charts the main outlines of these changes and also examines in more detail a number of central issues in the economic, social and cultural history of England during this period.

Teaching methods

The module will involve 16 lectures (two each week) and four fortnightly tutorial classes.


Assessment will be by examination and coursework. The coursework consists essays (15 credit students will be required to submit one essay, 20 credit students will submit two essays).

Where this module is taken alone, there will be a 2-hour, 2-question examination in January. Where it is taken together with EH211/231A or EH211/231E there will be a joint, 3-question, 3-hour examination in Midsummer.

Short Bibliography

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