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Module List

This module list should be used in conjunction with the course information - not all modules are available on all degrees.

First Year Modules

Semester 1
HS1601 Towards a New Europe, 1890-1939
Semester 2
HS1602 Towards a New Europe 2

Second Year Modules

Semester 1
HS2501 Infotech: Incomes, Inequality, And Industrialisation
HS2110/HS2610 Pre-Modern World 1: The economic and social development of Britain before 1800
HS2112/HS2612 Modern World 1: Britain and the first industrial revolution
HS2114/HS2614 USA 1: The transformation of the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries
HS2118/HS2618 The Rise of Imperialism
Semester 2
HS2001 Sources and Methods
HS2115/HS2615 Good times, hard times: America in the 1920s and 1930s
HS2119/HS2619 Imperialism and decolonisation
HS2497/HS2997 Britain's industrial maturity 1840-1914
HS2498/HS2998 European Economy 1600-1800
HS2499/HS2999 War & British Society 1688-1815

Third Year Modules Semester 1


Semester 1
HS3000 Dissertation 1
HS3101/HS3601 The economic transformation of Eastern Europe 1750-1938
HS3102/HS3602 British Society from Churchill to Major
HS3105/HS3605 Culture and Society in the English town, 1680-1820
HS3110/HS3610 Crisis and reconstruction in European cities 1914-1945
HS3103/HS3603 Africa before 1900: A continent without a history
HS3112/HS3612 The life and times of George Orwell 1903-1950: A moral history of the first half of the 20th century
HS3116/HS3616 China Transformed: From Mao to modernisation
Semester 2
HS3106/HS3606 'Patricians and plebs' in 18th century England
HS3107/HS3607 Victorian cities: the physical environment
HS3109/HS3609 Business and the British economy 1945-1997
HS3111/HS3611 Crisis and reconstruction in European cities 1945-1990
HS3113/HS3613 Approaches to English local history
HS3114/HS3614 The imperial economy: economics and the British empire 1850-1949
HS3115/HS3615 From Eisenhower to the oil shock: US economic and social history from the 1950s to the 1970s
HS3117/HS3617 Constructing India: Economy, Society and Politics from the Great War to Partition

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