Part II: Reader

Fourth Edition

Edited by Anthony Faulkes

In this new edition, besides the same 18 texts that were in the third edition, now corrected, and the same 2 facsimiles in colour, there are 9 new texts (see the list of contents below). There is also a completely new general introduction to the book by Alison Finlay. The Reader now contains one or more extracts, if not complete texts, from works representing each of the main genres of Old Norse literature, and together with the Grammar in part I and the Glossary in part III provides a comprehensive introduction to the language and whole range of literature in all the major dialects of medieval Scandinavia. Extracts from the following texts are included:

I Hrólfs saga kraka. Ed. Michael Barnes
II Snorri Sturluson: Edda (Skáldskaparmál). Ed. Anthony Faulkes
III Sturla Þórðarson: Íslendinga saga. Ed. Richard Perkins
IV Kormaks saga. Ed. Rory McTurk
V Bjarnar saga Hítdœlakappa. Ed. Alison Finlay
VI Fagrskinna. Ed. Alison Finlay
VII Snorri Sturluson: Heimskringla (including 'The art and craft of the skaldic stanza') Ed. Diana Whaley
VIII Ari Þorgilsson: Íslendingabók. Ed. Richard Perkins
IX Þrymskviða. Ed. Rory McTurk
X Völundarkviða. Ed. Rory McTurk
XI Þiðreks saga. Ed. Rory McTurk
XII Saga af Tristram ok Ísönd  Ed. David Ashurst
XIII Maríu saga. Ed. Carl Phelpstead
XIV Jóns saga helga. Ed. Peter Foote
XV Laxdœla saga Ed. Alison Finlay
XVI Auðunar þáttr. Ed. Anthony Faulkes
XVII Runic inscriptions. Ed. Michael Barnes
XVIII Möðruvallabók. Ed. Elizabeth Ashman Rowe
XIX Landnámabók. Ed. Richard Perkins
XX East Norse Texts. Ed. Michael Barnes
XXI Eiríks saga rauða. Ed. Richard Perkins
XXII Óláfa ríma Haraldssonar. Ed. Carl Phelpstead
XXIII Physiognomy. Ed. David Ashurst
XXIV Konungs skuggsjá. Ed. Rory McTurk
XV Hamðismál. Ed. John McKinnell
XVI Njáls saga. Ed. Alison Finlay
XVII Grágás. Ed. Richard Perkins

Published 2007. ISBN 978-0-903521-69-7, xlii + 390 pages, 2 colour facsimiles.

Price £6 for members of the Society, £12 for others.