News-Sheet 2005


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 15 May 2004 at the University of Cardiff

The President, John Hines, was in the chair.

The minutes of the last General Meeting were read and accepted.

Election of officers of the Society was announced as follows:

Elected as President: Alison Finlay

Re-elected as Vice-Presidents in Council: Anthony Faulkes, Peter Foote, Geoffrey Harlow, Rory McTurk, Ray Page, Richard Perkins, Desmond Slay and John Townsend.

Elected as Councillors: Jayne Carroll (Sheffield), Jamie Cochrane (London), Christina Lee (Nottingham), David Reid (London).

Re-election as Councillors: Lesley Abrams, Loren Auerbach, Matthew Townend, Diana Whaley, David Ashurst, Jonathan Grove, Haki Antonsson, Kathy Holman.

The re-election of Katrina Attwood as Honorary Auditor was proposed by Christina Lee and seconded by David Reid.

The accounts for the year ending 30 September 2003 were circulated and accepted. A copy is attached to these minutes.

John Hines gave his Presidential lecture, 'Famous Last Words: Monologue and Dialogue in Hamðismál'.

Meetings 2004-2005

Autumn: Friday, 26 November 2004, at University College London. Jón Viðar Sigurðsson (University of Oslo), 'The Free State Constitution: A Thirteenth-Century Fiction?'.

Spring: Friday, 18 March 2005, at University College London. Jayne Carroll (University of Leicester), 'Texts from the Danelaw: Coin Legends and Language in Viking Age England'.

Summer: Saturday, 28 May 2005, at the University of York. Sara M. Pons-Sanz (University of Nottingham), 'Archbishop Wulfstan's Norse-Derived Vocabulary: A Re-Evaluation'.

Student Conference: Saturday, 26 February 2005, at Birkbeck, University of London, on Fornaldarsögur: Sagas of Ancient Times. Speakers were: Carl Phelpstead, 'Is Yngvars saga víðförla a fornaldarsaga?'; Richard North, 'The Riddles of Gestumblindi in Heiðreks saga: a tale from Denmark?'; Rory McTurk, 'A wimp in spite of himself: the case of Sigurðr Völsungr'; David Ashurst, 'Wagner, Morris and the Volsungs'; Ralph O'Connor, 'Stjörnu-Odda draumr and Icelandic legendary storytelling'.

Forthcoming Meetings

A meeting will be held on 11 November 2005 at University College London. Professor Roberta Frank (Yale University) will speak.


Published by the Society in 2004:

Three Icelandic Outlaw Sagas. The Saga of Gisli, The Saga of Grettir, The Saga of Hord. Translated by G. Johnston and A. Faulkes. Edited and Introduced by A. Faulkes.

Stefán Karlsson, The Icelandic Language. Translated by Rory McTurk.

A second, expanded edition of A New Introduction to Old Norse, vols. 2 and 3, is in preparation and will be published in January 2006.

An updated list with full details of all of the Society's publications as well as publications distributed by the Society is available on the website:

Prizes and Awards

Prizes have been awarded as follows:

The Townsend Viking Society Prize: Aliki Arkomani
The Margaret Orme Prize: not awarded
The Turville-Petre Prize: Antje Frotscher

Nominations are invited for the Margaret Orme Prize by 1 August. For further details, see

News-sheet prepared by Judith Jesch, April 2005