News-Sheet 2004


Minutes of the AGM held on Saturday 7 June 2003 at Newnham College, Cambridge

The President, John Hines, was in the chair.

The minutes of the last General Meeting were read and accepted.

Election of officers of the Society was announced as follows:

Re-election as President: John Hines

Re-election as Vice-Presidents in Council: Desmond Slay, Ray Page, Geoffrey Harlow, Peter Foote, Richard Perkins, John Townsend, Anthony Faulkes and Rory McTurk.

Election as Councillors: Lesley Abrams (Oxford), Loren Auerbach (London), Matthew Townend (York), Diana Whaley (Newcastle).

Re-election as Councillors: David Ashurst, Jonathan Grove, Haki Antonsson, Kathy Holman, John Flood, John Hines, Carl Phelpstead, Judy Quinn.

The re-election of Katrina Attwood as Honorary Auditor was proposed by Jennifer Hunt and seconded by Helen Carron.

The accounts for the year ending 30 September 2002 were circulated and accepted subject to auditing.

Haki Antonson gave a paper entitled 'Archbishop Eysteinn of Nidaros (1161-188): some reflections on his reign and writing'.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Barbara Crawford.

Meetings 2003-2004

Autumn: Friday, 21 November 2003, at University College London. James Knirk (Runearkivet, Oslo): 'Reading and Understanding Runic Inscriptions: How Interpretations Come About'. Professor Knirk was the Guest of Honour at the Society's Annual Dinner the same evening.

Spring: Friday, 5 March 2004, at University College London. Richard North (University College London): 'Beowulf and its Norse Analogues'.

Summer: Saturday, 15 May 2004, at Cardiff University. John Hines (University of Cardiff): 'Famous last words: monologue and dialogue in Hamðismál' (Presidential Address).

Student Conference: Saturday 21 February 2004, at Leeds University. Speakers on the topic of Laxdæla saga were: Rory McTurk (Leeds): 'Kjartan and Guðrún: the royal couple that might have been'; Úlfar Bragason (Reykjavík): 'Readings of Laxdæla saga; Jamie Cochrane (London): '"There is much to look forward to, if all this shall come to pass": Dreams in Laxdæla saga'; Elizabeth Ashman Rowe (Somerville, Massachusetts): 'The adaptation of Laxdæla saga in Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar'; Andrew Wawn (Leeds): '"Misjöfn verða morginverkin"-briefly'.

Recent Publications

The Society's publications in 2003 include:

Egils saga, edited by Bjarni Einarsson.
Árni Björnsson, Wagner and the Volsungs.
Einar Ólafur Sveinsson, The Folk-Stories of Iceland. Revised by Einar G. Pétursson. Translated by Benedikt Benedikz.
Guðrún Nordal, Skaldic Versifying and Social Discrimination in Medieval Iceland.

An updated list with full details of all of the Society's publications as well as publications distributed by the Society are available on the website:

Prizes and Awards

Prizes have been awarded as follows:

The Townsend Viking Society Prize: not awarded
The Margaret Orme Prize: Neil Kraevsky (Cardiff)
The Turville-Petre Prize for 2002: Amy Eichhorn-Mulligan
The Turville-Petre Prize for 2003: Phillip Lavender (Keble College, Oxford)

Nominations are invited for the Margaret Orme Prize by 1 August. For further details, see

Research Support Fund grants have been awarded as follows:

£400 to Sara Thomas to attend a field school in archaeology in Mývatn
£550 to Rosemary Power to attend the Saga Conference in Bonn

Other News

Former President of the Society, Richard Perkins, gave his inaugural lecture as Professor of Norse Studies on 4 December 2003, entitled 'Landnámabók: The Emergence of the Icelanders and Their Poetry'.

News-sheet prepared by Judith Jesch, April 2004.