News-Sheet 2002


Minutes of the AGM Held on Saturday 2 June 2001 at the University of Nottingham

The President, Andrew Wawn, was in the chair.

The minutes of the last General Meeting were read and accepted.

The accounts for the year ending 30 September 2000 were circulated and accepted by the meeting, subject to satisfactory auditing.

The election of Katrina Attwood as Honorary Auditor was proposed by Carl Phelpstead and seconded by Ian Wyatt.

The election of officers of the Society was announced:

Re-election as President: Andrew Wawn

Election as Vice-Presidents in Council: Anthony Faulkes, Rory McTurk

Re-election as Vice-Presidents in Council: Desmond Slay, Ray Page, Geoffrey Harlow, Peter Foote, Richard Perkins, John Townsend

Election as Councillors: John Flood, John Hines, Carl Phelpstead, Judy Quinn

Re-election as Councillors: Jon Adams, Jayne Carroll, Richard North, David Reid, Loren Auerbach, Helen Carron, Matthew Townend, Diana Whaley

The President, Andrew Wawn, was congratulated on his appointment to a Research Professorship at the University of Leeds.

Lesley Abrams gave a paper on ‘Pagans and Christians: York in the First Viking Age’.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Judith Jesch.

Meetings 2001-2002

Autumn: Friday 26 October 2001, at University College London. Matthew Townend: ‘Whatever Happened to York Viking Poetry? Memory, Tradition and the Transmission of Skaldic Verse’. His Excellency, Þorsteinn Pálsson, Ambassador of Iceland, was the Guest of Honour at the Society’s Annual Dinner the same evening.

Spring: Friday 1 March 2002, at University College London. Guðrún Sveinbjarnardóttir: ‘Archaeological Investigations at Snorri Sturluson’s Farmstead’.

Summer: Saturday 25 May 2002, at the University of Leeds. Andrew Wawn: ‘(Re)visiting Vatnsdæla saga’.

Student Conference: Saturday 23 February 2002, at Birkbeck College London. Speakers on the topic of Old Norse Mythology were Carolyne Larrington (‘Everyday Life in Ásgarðr’), Judy Quinn (‘Divine masculinity’, Richard Perkins (‘The Iconography of Þórr’), John McKinnell (‘Bolþorn, Bestla and the Wisdom of the Dead: Problems in the Rúnatal section of Hávamál’) and Paul Acker (‘Imaging the Dragon in Early Medieval Europe’). Deborah Bragan Turner gave a presentation on the Electronic Gateway for Icelandic Literature (EGIL) project and there was a bookstall selling both Viking Society publications and second-hand books.

Future meetings

The Autumn meeting and Annual Dinner will be on Friday 8 November, 2002. Odd Einar Haugen of the University of Bergen will address the meeting.

Recent Publications

New publications in 2001-2002 are:

Fourteenth-Century Icelandic Verse on the Virgin Mary. Drápa af Maríugrát. Vitnisvísur af Maríu. Maríuvísur I-III. Edited by K. Wrightson. 2001. £5.

Ólafur Halldórsson, Text by Snorri Sturluson in Óláfs Saga Tryggvasonar en mesta. 2001. £5

Richard Perkins, Þórr the Windraiser, 2002. £8.

Full details of all of the Society’s publications as well as publications distributed by the Society are available on the website.

Prizes and Awards

Research Support Fund grants have been awarded as follows:

£125 to Joel Rasbash to support his attendance at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds

£350 to Sarah van der Hoek-Springer to support her attendance at the Sigurður Nordal summer course in Iceland

£500 to Elizabeth Jackson for expenses involved in a trip to Iceland to check manuscripts of Tryggðamál

£250 to Philly Ricketts to suport a conference at the University of Liverpool

£250 to Russell Poole as a contribution to a multi-funded research trip to Europe including attendance at a skaldic poetry workshop in York

Prizes have been awarded as follows:

The Turville-Petre Prize: Laura Taylor, St. John’s College, Oxford

Townsend Viking Society Prize: Kate Elliott, UCL

The Margaret Orme Prize: Andy Logan, Durham

Nominations are invited for the Margaret Orme Prize by 1 August. For further details, see the relevant webpage.

News-sheet prepared by Judith Jesch, April 2002