News-Sheet 2000


Meetings 1999-2000

Autumn: Friday 12 November, at University College London. Joseph Harris: 'Aspects of Elegy in Old Norse'. Professor Harris was Guest of Honour at the Society's Annual Dinner the same evening.

Spring: Friday 17 March, at University College London. Stefan Brink: 'Toponymic and runological evidence for the reconstruction of Viking-Age society in Scandinavia'.

Summer: The Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 3rd June at 4.30 p.m. at The Senate Room, Durham Castle. See forthcoming events.

Student Conference: A day conference was held on the 19 February at the University of York. Speakers on the topic of 'Conversion and Christianisation' were Lesley Abrams, Julian Richards, Diana Whaley, Siân Duke, Carl Phelpstead and John McKinnell.


The Viking Society has a website which is regularly updated: [now]

Viking Society Development Fund

The Society has established a Development Fund to support the study of the literature, history, language, archaeology and culture of early and medieval Scandinavia, and Council has now appointed the committee which will administer the fund and agreed the ground rules under which it will operate. Applications to the Fund will be considered twice a year, and applications should normally be received by 1st November or 1st March. A copy of the ground rules under which the fund will operate, and an application cover sheet, are available on the Society's website: [now]

Potential applicants who missed the 1st of March deadline should apply before the Annual General Meeting. The next deadline for applications this year will be the 1st of November.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Full details of all of the Society's publications are available on the website: [now]

Snorri Sturluson, Edda: Háttatal. Edited by Anthony Faulkes. Card-bound reprint of Clarendon Press edition of 1991 with addenda and corrigenda. This makes the complete work available in card covers from the Viking Society. The previous volumes are:

Snorri Sturluson: Edda. Prologue and Gylfaginning. Edited by Anthony Faulkes. Clarendon Press 1982, repr. 1988.

Snorri Sturluson: Edda. Skáldskaparmál. Edited by Anthony Faulkes. 2 vols. 1998

The Icelandic Rune-Poem. Edited by R. I. Page. 1999 (first published in Nottingham Medieval Studies XLII).

J. A. B. Townsend: Index to Saga-Book Volumes 1-23. 1999. Distributed free to Members, also available on the website:

Guta saga. The History of the Gotlanders. Edited by Christine Peel.

A New Introduction to Old Norse. Part I. Grammar. By Michael Barnes

A New Introduction to Old Norse. Part II is in preparation and draft copies of parts of this will be available soon. It will consist of a reader with passages in prose and verse accompanied by notes and glossary.

News-sheet prepared by Judith Jesch, May 2000