News-Sheet 1999


Annual General Meeting 1999: Minutes
The meeting was held in Emmanuel College, Cambridge on Saturday 29th May 1999.

The President, John McKinnell, was in the chair.

The minutes of the last general meeting were read and accepted.

The accounts for the year ending 30 September 1998 were circulated and accepted by the meeting. A copy is attached to these minutes.

The re-election of Mr Ian Hare as Honorary Auditor was proposed by Jennifer Hunt and seconded by Elizabeth Robinson.

The election of officers of the Society was announced:

For re-election as President: John McKinnell

For re-election as Vice-Presidents in Council: Desmond Slay, Raymond Page, Geoffrey Harlow, Peter Foote and John Townsend.

For election as Councillors: Loren Auerbach (London), Helen Carron (Cambridge), Matthew Townend (York), Diana Whaley (Newcastle).

For re-election as Councillors: Katrina Attwood, James Graham-Campbell, Guðrún Sveinbjarnardóttir, John Hines, Heather O'Donoghue, Rosemary Power.

Andy Orchard addressed the Society on 'Never let a Dane go by: Norse sources and the Encomium Emmae Reginae'.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Andrew Wawn.

Meetings 1998-9

Autumn: Friday 6th November, at University College London. Professor R.I. Page: 'Inventing the Rune-Poem'. Professor Page was Guest of Honour at the Society's Annual Dinner the same evening.

Spring: Friday 12th February, at University College London. Terje Spurkland: 'Runes and Runic Inscriptions in Medieval Scandinavia'.

Summer: Saturday 29th May, at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Andy Orchard: '"Never let a Dane go by": Norse sources and the Encomium Emmae Reginae'.

Student Conference: A day conference was held at Birkbeck College London, on Saturday 27th February, 1999, organised by Alison Finlay. The topic was 'Reading Sagas' and the speakers were Richard North, Katrina Attwood, Alison Finlay and Judith Jesch.

Meetings 1999-2000

Autumn: Friday 12th November, University College London. Joseph Harris: 'Aspects of "Elegie" in Old English and Old Norse'.

Student Conference: To be held on Saturday 19th February 2000, at the Centre for Medieval Studies, The King's Manor, York. The theme for the day will be 'Conversion and Christianisation', and the speakers will be Lesley Abrams (Aberystwyth), Sian Duke (Oxford), John McKinnell (Durham), Carl Phelpstead (Cardiff), Julian Richards (York), and Diana Whaley (Newcastle). For further details, please contact Matthew Townend (email: