News-Sheet 1998


Annual General Meeting 1998: Minutes
The meeting was held in Hatfield College, Durham at 4 p.m. on 30th May 1998.

The minutes of the 1997 AGM were read and approved.
The Council's proposals for President and Councillors were accepted: John McKinnell was elected as President. Katrina Attwood, James Graham-Campbell, Guðrún Sveinbjarnardóttir and Kathy Holman were elected as as Councillors (to serve, subject to re-election, until 2001). Andrew Hamer, John Hines, Heather O´Donoghue and Rosemary Power were re-elected as Councillors (to serve, subject to re-election, until 2000). Lesley Abrams, Bridget Morris, Richard North, David Reid were re-elected as Councillors (to serve until 1999). Ian Hare was re-elected as Honorary Auditor.
The audited accounts for year ending September 30th 1997 were accepted.
The proposal put forward by the Council to establish a Viking Society Development Fund was approved by the meeting on a show of hands, together with 45 postal votes in favour.

Meetings 1997-8

Autumn: Friday 24th October 1997, at University College, London. Professor Margaret Clunies Ross: 'Old Icelandic literature as myth'. Professor Clunies Ross was Guest of Honour at the Society's Annual Dinner the same evening.

Spring: Friday 13th March 1998, at University College, London. Svanhildur Óskarsdóttir: 'Judith in Iceland'.

Summer: Saturday 30th May 1998, at Hatfield College, Durham. Diana Whaley, Presidential Address: 'A useful past: Íslendingabók and the genesis of Icelandic historiography'. (Preceded by AGM - minutes above).

Student Conference: A day conference was held at the School of English, University of Leeds, on Saturday 7th March 1998, organised by Rory McTurk and Andrew Wawn on the topic of 'Iceland: Story-Tellers and Travellers'. Speakers were Rory McTurk, Andrew Wawn, Fritz Heinemann, Paul B. Taylor and Simon Armitage.

Meetings 1998-99

Autumn: Friday 6th November 1998 at University College London. Professor R.I. Page: 'Inventing the Rune-Poem'. Professor Page was Guest of Honour at the Society's Annual Dinner the same evening.

Spring: Friday 12th February 1999, University College London. Terje Spurkland: 'Runes and Runic Inscriptions in Medieval Scandinavia'.

Summer: The summer meeting will be held in Cambridge and the speaker will be Andy Orchard. Date and title to be announced.

Student Conference: A day conference is being organised by Alison Finlay, to be held in Birkbeck College in February or March.

Meetings 1999-2000

Autumn: The speaker and Guest of Honour at the Annual Dinner will be Joseph Harris.

Publications Apart from the Saga-Book, the following are currently available or in preparation:

The Conversion of Iceland and Hervarar Saga have been reprinted and are on sale for £4.

Gillian Fellows-Jensen's Dorothea Coke Memorial Lecture has been reprinted and is on sale for £2.

The translations of Theodoricus and Historia Norwegiae, and Anthony Faulkes' edition of Skáldskaparmál, are in proof and will be printed early in the New Year.

Also imminent is a special offprint of R.I.Page's edition of the Icelandic Rune-Poem (also forthcoming in Nottingham Medieval Studies), which will be distributed free to members of the Society.

The Grammar section of a New Introduction to Old Norse has been prepared in draft form by Michael Barnes and is currently being tested by a number of teachers of Old Norse. A revised version should be available for the start of the new academic year in October.

To clear the Society's store-room, certain ancient publications are being offered to members at the cost of postage. See publications list for details.

News-Sheet prepared by Judith Jesch, December 1998