Welcome to the Online Geordie Slang Dictionary! This website was built for a Slang and the WWW project for the University of Leicester. The Geordie Slang Dictionary contains information on many slang terms used by speakers who are from and who live in the area of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Here you can find a glossary of terms to browse or search through, and other interesting things about Geordie Slang! Enjoy!

The reason that this is an online dictionary containing slang from the region of Newcastle, is as a result of my boyfriend, and his family and friends, being from and still living in this area. I often found myself in situations with them where different words that I had never heard before, were used for various things and therefore believed that it would be interesting to create an online slang dictionary for us fellow non-Geordies to understand what is being said!. Not only that, but as we were informed that our website was to be made accessible for viewing by the public, I believed that this dictionary would be useful as the Geordie dialect and accent is one of the most popular and therefore the public may also be interested in the meaning and history behind the slang terms that those from Newcastle use.


Some of the material found in this Online Geordie Slang Dictionary may be considered to be offensive. However, this is not the intention and to omit any terms would mean an inaccurate representation of this group. Please accept our apologies for any offence caused.