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Edited by Orietta Da Rold, Takako Kato, Mary Swan and Elaine Treharne
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On this portal we publish manuscript descriptions and detailed case studies. The descriptions are signalled by a blue background and the detailed studies by a green background. Please read the Introduction to the List of Manuscripts before you use this tool.

You can also cluster the manuscripts chronologically and according to their contents.

We are also listing hte manuscripts reported to have contained Old English written between 1060 and 1220, but where the Old English no longer survives.

Place Repository Collection Shelf Mark Ker Content Place Date
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 111[35] Gospels; Manumissions; HomilyBaths.xi2-xii
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 140[35] Gospels; Manumissions; HomilyBaths.xi2-xii
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 173[39]Chronicles; added annals and list English archbishops and bishops. s.xi2-xii1
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 190[45] A: Notes and Glosses
B: Ecclesiastical Institutes, etc
Part B: s.ximed, and three quires added in s.xi2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 191[46] Bilingual Rule of Chrodegang Exeters.xi3/4
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 196[47] MartyrologyExeters.xi3/4
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 198[48] Homilies s.xi1-2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 201[49B]; [50]Pt 1: Homilies, etc. (with 12C corrections);
Pt 2: Capitula of Theodulf; Homily
 Pt 1: s.ximed and corrections: s.xii
Pt 2: s.xi3/4
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 302[56] Homilies s.xi/xii
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 303[57] HomiliesRochesterKer: s.xii1, though probably closer to s.xiimed
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 322[60] Gregory's Dialogues  s.xi2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 367[62]; [63] De temporibus;
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 383[65] LawsSt Paul'ss.xi/xii
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 391[67] Prayers, etcWorcesters.xi2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 421[68]; [69] HomiliesExeters.xi1-3/4
CambridgeTrinity College B. 14. 52  Trinity Homilies and poema moraleMiddlesex?s.xiiex
CambridgeTrinity College R. 9. 17 [89] Ælfric's Grammar Ælric  s.xi/xii
CambridgeTrinity College R. 17. 1 [91] Gloss to Eadwine's psalter Christ Church, Canterburys.xiimed
CambridgeUniversity LibraryAdd.3206[11] Ecclesiastical law (fragment)  s.xi2
CambridgeUniversity Library Ff. 1. 27 + CCCC 66[14]Durham poem s.xiiex
CambridgeUniversity Library Hh. 1. 10[17]Ælfric's Grammar; Gloss to Psalter ExeterKer: s.xi2; Gness: s.xi3/4
CambridgeUniversity Library Ii. 1. 33 [18] Homilies and lives of saints s.xii2
CambridgeUniversity Library Ii. 2. 4 [19]Gregory's Pastoral Care Exeters.xi3/4
CambridgeUniversity Library Ii. 2. 11 + Exeter Book[20] GospelsExeters.xi3/4-xii1
CambridgeUniversity Library Kk. 3. 18 [23] Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica Worcesters.xi2
CambridgeUniversity Library Kk. 4. 6 Liber pontificalisWorcesters.xii1
CambridgeUniversity Library Ll. 1. 10[27]Liber precum (the book of Cerne)  
CanterburyCathedral LibraryAdd.20[97] Rule of Chrodegang (fragment) Christ Church, Canterbury?s.xi2
Clitheroe, LancsStonyhurst College 69[386]Bede's Death Song s.xii1
DublinTrinity College 174 (B. 4. 3)[103]A scribble to the old flyleaf of a volume of Lives of Saints s.xi2
DublinTrinity College 492 (E. 2. 23)[104]Bede's Death Song s.xii
DurhamCathedral Library B. IV. 24 [109]Rule of St Benedict (prov. Durham)Durham?s.xi2
Durham Hunter 100[110]Glossary of herb namesDurhams.xiiin
GlasgowHunterian LibraryHunter 229 Hunterian Psalter s.xiii
Gloucester Cathedral Library 35[117] Homilies and lives of Saints (fragment) s.xi1-2
Lawrence, KansasKenneth Spencer Research LibraryPryceC2:2[supp 332]Sermo in natalie uniusWorcesters.xi2
LincolnCathedral Library 298, no. 2[125] Hexateuch (fragment) s.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryAdd.28188 Pontifical, etc.Exeters.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryAdd.34652[128]Rule of Chrodegang (fragment)  s.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryAdd.46204 Worcester cartulary; originally ff. 182 and 183 of cotton Nero E.i, pt.2Worcesters.xi
LondonBritish LibraryArundel60[134] Gloss to psalter arts 3 and 4 written in 1099 Winchester Winchesters.xi2, 1099
LondonBritish LibraryBurney277[136] Laws (fragment) Kentishs.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Caligula A. xv [139A]; [139B] Pt A: Computistica (art. R written c. 1073);
Pt B: Bede, De temporibus anni
A: Christ Church, Canterbury;
B: ?
A: s.xi2;
B: s.xi2 - s.xi/xii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Claudius B. iv[142]Hexateuch (text was annotated in s. xii) Maint text in s.xi1; Annotations in s.xii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Claudius D. iii [p. xix] Rule of Benedict Wintneys.xiiiin
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Cleopatra B. xiii[144]Homilies, etc. Exeters.xi3/4
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Domitian viii[148] ChronicleChrist Church, Canterbury s.xi/xii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Domitian ix [150] Chronicle (fragment)  s.xii1
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Faustina A. v + Dublin, TCB 114[152]Bede's Death Song s.xii1
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Faustina A. ix[153] Homilies s.xii1
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Faustina A. x [154A]; [154B] A: Ælfric's Grammar, etc;
B: Rule of St. Benedict, etc
 A: s.xi2;
B: s.xii1
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Julius A. ii [158]; [159] Ælfric's Grammar;
Dialogue of Adrian and Ritheus, Dicts of Cato
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Nero E. i, pt 2 Oswald CartularyWorcester Cathedral Priorys.xi2 (1062x1095)
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Otho A. xiii [173] Homilies (12C add.) s.xiin-s.xii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Otho C. i, vol. 2 [182] Gregory Dialogues  s.xiin-2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius A. xiii[190]Cartularies, etcWorcesters.xi1-ex
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius B. i[191] Orosius; Chronicle  s.xi1-2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius B. iv[192]ChronicleWorcester?s.ximed-2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius C. i + Harley 3667[196]Names of the Winds s.xii1
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius C. i [197] Homilies, prayers added to pontifical Sherborne?c.1070
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vespasian A. xxii  HomiliesRochesters.xii/xiii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vespasian D. xiv [209] Homilies Christ Church, Canterbury?s.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryCottonVitellius A. xii[214]Pater noster s.xiiex
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vitellius A. xv [215] Augustine, Soliloquies Southwick?s.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vitellius C. iii[218]; [219]Glosses; Herbal s.xii; s.xi1
LondonBritish LibraryHarley55[226] Laws s.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryHarley863[232]Continuous gloss to Quincunque vult Exeters.xi3/4
LondonBritish LibraryHarley6258B  Medicina de Quadrupedibus  s.xiiiin
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal 1 A. xiv [245] Gospels s.xii2
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal7 C. iv [256] Gloss to Liber scintillarum; scribbles on the originally blank pages include OE from s. xii/xiiiChrist Church, Canterburys.ximed; s. xii/xiii
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal10 C. v [262] Marginalia on the Psalms datable to 1193/4. Old English notes on ff.18r and 74vSt Paul'ss.xiiex
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal15 B. xxii [269] Ælfric's Grammar  s.xi2
LondonLambeth Palace Library 173[276]Glosses to Bede, Historical eccl. s.xi2
LondonLambeth Palace Library 427[281] Kentish Royal Saints (fragment) ff. 210-211Exeter?s.xi2
LondonLambeth Palace Library 487[282]HomiliesWest Englands.xii/xiii
LondonLambeth Palace Library 489[283]HomiliesExeters.xi3/4
LondonSociety of Antiquaries 60    
OxfordBodleian LibraryAshmole1431[289]Glosses to the names of berbsSout-Eastern?s.xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryAuct.D.2.16 (2719)[291]Donations to Exeter by Leofric and AEthelstan; InscriptionExeters.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryAuct.F. 2. 14[295]OE Glossary (or glosses, datable to s.xii in)Sherborne?s.xi2 or s.xi/xii.
OxfordBodleian LibraryAuct.F. 4. 32 [297] Homily; ScribbleGlastonbury?s.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley155[303] List of landsBarkings.xi/xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley180[305] Boethius s.xii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley343[310] HomiliesWest Englands.xii2
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley579[315]Additions to Leofric Missal. Sureties; manumissionsExeters.xiin-ex
OxfordBodleian LibraryEng. Bib.c. 2[322]Gospels s.xi
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton20[324]Cura Pastoralis 890-7; scribbles s.xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton38[325] GospelsChrist Church, Canterburys.xii/xiii
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton113[331] HomiliesWorcesters.xi3/4
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton114[331] HomiliesWorcesters.xi3/4
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton115[332] Homilies, etc.Worcesters.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton116[333] Homilies Worcesters.xii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryJunius1 OrmulumLincolnshires.xii2
OxfordBodleian LibraryJunius121[338] Ecclesiastical Institutes, etc. Worcesters.xi3/4 (art. 37 is c. 1070; Ker p. lxi)
OxfordBodleian LibraryLat. Misca. 3[240]Fragment of an alphabetical Glossary s.x/xi
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.482[343] Penitential (12C add.)Worcester?s.ximed
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.509 + BL, Cotton, Vespassian D. xxi[344] Pentateuch, etc; Vita St. Guthlac; or Heptateuch s.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.567[345]Glossary of herb names s.xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.636[346] Peterborough Chronicle Peterboroughs.xii1-med
OxfordSt John's College 17 + BL, Cotton, Nero C. vii[360]Miscellaneous entriesThorneyc.1110
ParisBib. Nat.Lat.8846[supp 419]Glosses in English to Roman version of the Psalter sxii2
RochesterRochester Cathedral  [373] Textus Roffensis Rochesters.xii1
SalisburyCathedral Library 150[379] Gloss to psalter Salisburys. x 2, s.xi/xii
Cologny, Geneve, SwitzerlandBibliotheca BodmerianaBodmer2[285]; [supp 124] Homily (fragment) s.xi2
TauntonSomerset County Record Office  DD/SASC/1193/77 The Taunton Fragment s.xi2
WorcesterCathedral Library F. 174 [398] Ælfric's Grammar Worcester? s.xiiiin
YorkMinster Library 1[402] Documents and sermons s.xi1-2

* The dates initially given on this page are from Ker's Catalogue. If we revise Ker's dating in any cases, our date will be given instead. The individual manuscript descriptions will give an explanation of our dating where appropriate.