Making a Magnet

(i) Single touch method

(ii) Double touch method is a better method


Place magnetic material in a solenoid (cylindrical coil of wire) which is connected to 6-12 V d.c. supply. Switch on current for a second and then off. Remove material from solenoid - material will be a magnet.

Polarity of magnet produced depends on direction of the current -
Right Hand Grip Rule
= if the right hand grips the solenoid - place
fingers on one by one in the direction of the
current - (positive to negative) the thumb
points to the north pole.


History of magnetism, What is a magnet
What do magnets do, Test for a magnet
Magnetic fields
The Earth's magnetic field
Theory of magnetism
Induced magnetism
Magnetic properties of iron and steel
Storing magnets
Primary science applications
Fleming's Left Hand Rule
Self assessment
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