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2010/11 Video Yearbook

Share your memories with us!

2010/11 Video Yearbook

Get filmed and have your memories of Leicester Uni enshrined in the Video Yearbook!

We are hosting our annual Summer Ball on June 25th this year. To celebrate the first ever Summer Ball in the new building, we are compiling a video yearbook (dvds will be on sale at a later date) comprising YOUR 2011/11 at Leicester University.

To be included in the video: 1. Wed 18th May – Open filming – Email with your availability (20mins) between 11am-1230pm, 130pm-6pm for a guaranteed interview allocation. Come down with your team mates, bffs, girl/boyfriends, or by yourself! We highly encourage full sports/society gear or dress up. 2. Send your videoclips/photos/dedications/quotes of the year to

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