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Students' Union Sabbatical Officer Elected to NUS Services Limited - Environmental & Ethics

Owen Jones, Campaigns & Involvement Officer, has been elected to NUS Services Limited (NUSSL), the commercial arm of the National Union of Students to oversee the environmental and ethical aspects of their activity.

At the NUS Services Limited (NUSSL) AGM held in Liverpool on March 31th 2010 Owen Jones, the Campaigns & Involvement Officer at the Students' Union, was elected to the Environmental and Ethics Committee.

His responsibility will be to assist NUSSL in how they can maintain their ethical practises as well as promoting environmental best practise throughout all the Student Unions across the country that are affiliated with NUSSL. Owen Jones said that "I am very much looking forward to workings with the committee and pushing NUSSL forward as a beacon of environmental best practise"

"Environmental and ethics issues have always been at the forefront of issues close to my heart and it is fantastic that this has been recognised at a national level through this election."

Owen Jones takes starts his position in July 2010

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