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This weeks events from Students' Union...

If you're finishing your exams early or that you simply want to take your mind off exams, the Students' Union has a number of events this week for you.

Monday 18th: HUBBA BUBBA at LIQUID ENVY, 22:00-03:00, £4 adv. Exam Relief Party

Wednesday 20th: RED LEICESTER, 22:00-04:00, £2 adv. Early end of exams party, 3 rooms of music. Contact John ( or Ash ( for Sports/Society/Birthday entry offers/drinks vouchers/fast track

Thursday 21st: KARAOKE and SHAMPOO, 20:00-02:00, Free b4 22:00, £2 after Cocktails £3, 60s/70s and 80s music in the Scholar

Friday 22nd: MADFER-IT & LATE LOUNGE, 22:00-06:00, MFI Free entry/Late Lounge £2 2 rooms of music, Tony Large It in The Cave. Free buses from Zanzibar to Late Lounge through until 6am in the Scholar.

Saturday 23rd: BOOM BOOM POW, 22:30-02:30, £3 adv. End of Exam Party in Queens Hall

Sunday 24th: SQUIDS, 19:00-01:00, Free Entry All Drinks £1.20, DJ Playing best of all genres in the Scholar

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