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Wanted! Volunteers to help plan and run events

Jacqui Noon takes up a fundraising challenge in Lapland to raise funds for The Big Issue Foundation and needs your help!

In March 2010, Jacqui Noon from Cell Physiology and Pharmacology, along with fellow fundraising mushers, will be driving her own team of huskies 250km across the snow and ice from Norway to Sweden, hopefully seeing the aurora borealis along the way. A trip of a lifetime, but a mental and physical challenge, as the mushers will have to erect their own tents, cook their own meals and look after the dogs, as well as pulling the sleds from time to time as the dogs won't be able to do it all. Also, no loos or washing facilities for 250km!

The Big Issue was 18 years old this September. Since its beginnings it has helped over 10,000 vendors to re-gain self-esteem and independence, by linking them with vital support services to enable them to make their way back into society - financial and debt advice, assistance with obtaining ID and bank accounts, help with overcoming addictions, training and employment opportunities and help to find permanent housing.

The Big Issue's motto is a hand up - not a hand out - and believes very firmly in individuals taking control of their own lives to get out of homelessness.

WANTED - student volunteers to get involved with planning and running events, to meet and maybe even blow the £3k target out of the water!

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[External Link] - Jacqui's JustGiving website

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