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African student is awarded the University of Leicester Course Representative of the Year 2008/09

Alim Abubakre was chosen as one of the two most distinguished course representatives of the year for the 2008/09 academic year here at the University of Leicester out of a total of four hundred course representatives elected in this citadel of learning.

From the very start Alim Abubakre has shown dedication and passion in achieving the best for his fellow students. He made the most of all the events and activities implemented for course representatives, specifically the lunch with the Vice Chancellor. Alim’s most notable achievement throughout his time here was pioneering, organising and hosting with his team the International MBA conference titled Managing in turbulent times. This conference alone took an incredible amount of vision, organisation and skill. As an elected officer of the Students’ Union I was pleased to see a student taking such initiative to create an event where so many stakeholders within and outside the University including students could benefit. This conference was at a time when the mass media was mainly reporting the gloom and doom characteristic of the global economic meltdown. The high profile calibre of the guest speakers and invited guests who are presently doing well during this recession positioned them to be able to proffer practical solutions that could get Britain and the world at large out of the economic down turn. I was pleased to help Alim in any way I could in organising the event as this was the kind of student led-student focussed activity that the University of Leicester Students’ Union endeavours to invest in. Alim has shown himself to be a worthy winner of the Course Representative of the Year Award. His perseverance and enthusiasm has never faltered and he has shown how University of Leicester supports its students to add value to the society even within a short time of study.

When asked about his motivation, he replied, “my Inspiration is my father Professor RD Abubakre whose guidance, support and life has always been an inspiration to me and my professional mentor is Dr Wale Babalakin Chairman Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited who is a board room Chairman par excellence and who believes that achieving any good vision is not impossible with his implementation of the largest public-private partnership project in Africa-The largest Regional Airport in Africa. My father and Dr Wale Babalakin are both beneficiaries of the UK’s top class educational system at the PhD level, benefitting from the Commonwealth Scholarship to study at University of London School of Oriental and African Studies and University of Cambridge respectively and are both instrumental towards making my enrolment for MBA at one of UK’s finest providers of management tuition a reality”.

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