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Retirement of Dr Bill Manners

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Dr Bill Manners.

Retirement of Dr Bill Manners

Bill Manners, Senior Lecturer and member of the Mechanics of Materials Research Group in the Department of Engineering is retiring from the University on 31 July 2011, after 25 years service.

Having originally qualified with a BA at the University of Cambridge in 1971, Bill then undertook a PhD and became an RA at Imperial College. Bill joined the Department at Leicester in 1986 as a Civil Engineer and, not long after, the Department ceased to teach Civil Engineering! Bill has led the teaching of management for Engineering as well as teaching in the area of engineering materials and structures. His research has been in the development of reliability methodologies for engineering structures.

Bill has been Academic Secretary and Chair of Learning and Teaching in the Department for many years. In this work, he has been responsible for liaising with the ‘centre’ and the Faculty and, more recently, the College. This work has led to systems for ensuring high quality courses within the department and a high quality of student experience (long before the term was invented!). His work in all areas has been much-appreciated.

Professor John Fothergill, Head of the Department of Engineering said: "Bill tells me that he has been in employment for 40 years this year: having been an RA whilst he did his PhD, he has been in employment since graduation. Bill joined the department about the same time as Geoff Folkard and I, so he has been here for 25 years. Perhaps more surprisingly, he has been Academic Secretary for 20 years - he's also been Chair of L&T since 2003.

"Bill has said that he would be willing to continue to do some teaching so hopefully we will still see something of him after his retirement. I sure that you will wish to join me in wishing him all the best - I'm not sure to whom I'm going to be able to ask all those difficult questions now ..."

If you would like to contribute to a farewell gift for Bill, please give your contributions directly to Julie Hage (E602). Cheques should be made payable to the 'University of Leicester'. A card will also be available in the General Office, 5th Floor, should you wish to sign it.

A retirement presentation will take place on Friday 1st July, 4.00 onwards, in MA119. Refreshments will be available. Please let Julie Hage ( know if you are attending.

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