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Retirement of Pam Gibson

Pam with Director of IT Services Mary Visser.

Retirement of Pam Gibson

Information Developer to retire after 34 years' service

Pam Gibson, Information Developer within the Training & Communications team, will be taking early retirement from the University at the end of July 2010 after 34 years of service.

Pam joined the Computer Laboratory in 1976 as a Computer Assistant to offer programming skills to University departments. Over the years she has grappled with many new technologies and seen several major system changes, from the mainframes of the 80s to the microcomputers in the early 90s. Pam has always carried out her duties in a quiet yet thorough way and has been known for her attention to detail. In the early days her Advisory duties involved assisting researchers with their FORTRAN programs. A project in the late 70s related to ‘standards’ for Cobol compilers led to Pam’s interest in standards and the need for consistency. After managing the Advisory service she became more involved in providing documentation to support our services.

When the World Wide Web arrived in the mid 90s Pam developed her HTML coding skills and helped to create the first Computer Centre website. Following this she was responsible for moving our paper based documentation to the website. Most recently she has been involved in the transfer of our website to the Plone Content Management System and has been invaluable to IT Services as we have battled to improve the quality of information on our current website which now has devolved ownership.

In addition to her University activities Pam keeps in touch with friends who studied at Leicester Polytechnic in the early 70’s and often organises reunions. The most recent reunion, which was a 40th anniversary, took place in May this year. She also enjoys cycling, swimming, camping, walking, and hopes to take up piano playing again soon…

A farewell reception will be held at 4:00 on Thursday 29th July 2010, on the 5th floor Charles Wilson Building (Parkside) to which all Pam’s friends and colleagues are invited. If you wish to attend the reception please contact Wendy Ferguson in the Computer Centre.

Pam with her colleagues Peter Burnham and David Roberts, also retiring.

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