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David Roberts to retire

David receives his farewell gift from Mary Visser.

David Roberts to retire

David leaves IT Services after 38 years' service

David Roberts, Systems Architect within the Data and Voice Network Services team, will be taking early retirement from the University at the end of July 2010 after 38 years of service.

David joined the Computer Laboratory in 1972 as a Junior Computer Operator. He worked his way up through the various roles within Operations before being seconded to the Systems Group in 1982. Since then he has worked in both Systems Programming and Data Networking, where he managed the team for almost 20 years. Over the same period the Computer Laboratory became the Computer Centre and more recently was integrated into IT Services.

In his early days computing was a specialist interest and he dealt directly with most of the University’s computer users, who were predominantly researchers. Since then services have changed beyond recognition and everyone has become a computer user at some level. In addition to his networking activities which saw the installation of a campus data network which serves every part of the University, David was involved in earlier incarnations of high performance systems, Library services, email services and very early investigations into web services. He has been an active member, and in recent years Chair, of the technical group of EMMAN which handles networking connections for nearly 70 university and college sites in the East Midlands.

A farewell reception will be held at 4:00 on Thursday 29th July 2010, on the 5th floor Charles Wilson Building (Parkside) to which all David’s friends and colleagues are invited. If you wish to attend the reception please contact Wendy Ferguson in the Computer Centre.

David Roberts with members of his family.


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