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Award for Outstanding Professional Leadership

Dr Bernard Ratigan.

Award for Outstanding Professional Leadership

Dr Benard Ratigan honoured by professional psychoanalytic community

Dr Bernard Ratigan, a Leicester-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist and independent scholar, has recently been given a special award by the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) for "outstanding professional leadership". He has long standing teaching contacts with the Institute of Lifelong Learning and the Clinical Psychology Doctorate in the University. The BPC is the umbrella body for all the main psychoanalytic trainings and institutes in the UK.

The citation states that he has made a distinguished contribution to keeping the psychoanalytic community aware of its responsibility to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people; for his role as a teacher and critic of psychoanalysis in the education and training of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists; and, for his work in attempting to establish a profession of adult psychotherapy in the NHS.

Dr Ratigan was unable to receive the award personally as he is currently ill. His former trainee and colleague Dr Richard Fox, consultant psychiatrist in CBT in Nottingham received it for him. Dr Fox commented that there are generations of psychiatrists in the region who still think that Freud spoke with a Lancashire accent. He spoke of the warmth of the reception of the news of Dr Ratigan's award.

Dr Ratigan said he was delighted to receive the award but remains dissatisfied at the slow pace of change in British psychoanalysis with regard to taking seriously Freud's radical ideas on the complexities of human sexualities.


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