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University Teaching Fellows

Fellowship awards for 2010/11 have been announced

The following six members of staff have been awarded University Teaching Fellowships for the 2010/11 academic year. The Fellowships recognise outstanding and inspiring contributions to teaching, curriculum innovation and development.

Christopher Bisping, Lecturer in the School of Law has been recognised for his delivery of teaching to an exceptional standard in Law and his engagement in research and development in teaching.

Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock from the School of Historical Studies has been recognised for her sustained excellence in innovative teaching, learning and assessment in the field of Historical Studies.

Kip Jeffrey, from the Department of Geology has been recognised for his groundbreaking work in distance learning course design, focussed on both student and employer needs.

Alex Moseley from the Course Design and Development Unit has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to innovative course design, development and delivery.

• Dr Christopher Cane from the Department of Genetics has been recognised for his exceptional programme leadership and development in postgraduate studies in the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology

• Dr J Simon Rofe from the Department of Politics and International Relations has been recognised for his exceptional contribution to distance learning course development in Politics and International Relations, in delivering an outstanding student experience as well as providing an innovative model for module and programme design.


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