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As Reported to Senate 23 March 2010

New Year’s Honours List

The following members of the University‘s staff were honoured in the 2010 New Year’s Honours List:


  • The Vice-Chancellor was knighted for services to local and national higher education.


  • Jenny Foxon (Genetics) was awarded the MBE for services to science.
  • Maureen Raine (English Language Teaching Unit) was awarded the MBE to services to higher education.

Senate has expressed its warmest congratulations to the recipients of these honours.

Staff and other distinctions

  • Professor Andrew Abbott (Chemistry) has been selected to participate in a three-day Science Fair in Manchester in March 2010 entitled The Big Bang. His group is one of only two stands from last year’s Summer Science Exhibition which have been invited to participate.
  • Professor Helen Atkinson (Engineering) has been elected Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Liege. She has also been designated a Women of Outstanding Achievement in the SET Leadership and Inspiration to Others category.
  • Professor Heiko Balzter (Geography) has been invited by the Department of Energy and Climate Change at an intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Yokohama, Japan, to serve as a national expert on greenhouse gas accounting.
  • Professor Martin Barstow (Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Head of the College of Science and Engineering) has been invited to join one of the HEFCE advisory panels which are examining the evaluation impact for the REF.
  • Professor Ray Bull (Psychology) had been awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the British Psychological Society.
  • Dr Gillian Butler (Physics and Astronomy) has been appointed to the Athena Swan Steering Committee.
  • Professor Sarah Hainsworth (Engineering) has been elected to the Executive of the UK Council for Graduate Education.
  • Professor Stephen Hall (Economics) has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Pretoria.
  • Professor Paul Hart (Biology) has been invited to join the Science Advisory Board for Marine Scotland.
  • Dr Simon James (Archaeology and Ancient History) has been elected a Corresponding Member of the Archaeological Institute of America.
  • Dr Gawen Jenkin (Geology) has been elected Chair of the Mineral Deposits Studies Group for the next three years. He is also the University Partner for a Royal Society Partnership Grant awarded to a schoolteacher (and ex-Leicester undergraduate) Dr Andy Markwick. The grant (of £3000) will enable Dr Markwick to bring his extracurricular AS Geology class from Lewisham to the University for a masterclass in April.
  • Professor Paul Monks (Chemistry) has been appointed Chair of the Air Quality Expert Group for a period of five years from November 2009.
  • Dr Sue Page (Geography) has been invited by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands to join an expert working group on Carbon in Wetlands.
  • Professor Robert Palmer (Health Sciences) is the recipient of the Academy for Eating Disorders Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Professor Randy Parrish (Geology) has been awarded the Murchison Medal by the Geological Society.
  • Professor Mike Petterson (Geology) has been invited to join the Remuneration Committee of The Geological Society; this is one of the panels which advises the Society’s Treasurer.
  • Dr Jenny Pickerill (Geography) has been awarded a Winston Churchill Trust Fellowship for research on Affordable eco-homes: Low-income environmental solutions.
  • Professor Gilly Salmon (Beyond Distance Research Alliance) has been appointed to serve on the Monitoring and Advisory Board for the Open University, and has also been appointed as a Trustee and Vice-Chair of the Association for Learning Technology. She will become Chair of the Association in October 2010.
  • Professor Douglas Tallack (Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Head of the College of Arts, Humanities and Law) was the plenary speaker at the recent History and Visuality Symposium at the University of Lancaster.
  • Dr Kevin Tansey (Geography) has been invited to serve as a member of the Forest Fire Monitoring and Mapping Implementation Team of the Global Observation of Forest and Land Cover Dynamics initiative, led by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.
  • Dr Richard Thomas and Dr Ruth Young (School of Archaeology and Ancient History) have been elected Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

The following are winners of the Students’ Union I Love My Academic campaign (one award to each College):

  • Mr Christopher Bisping (Law)
  • Dr Ipek Demir (Sociology)
  • Dr Geoff Folkard (Engineering)
  • Dr Bob Norman (Cardiovascular Sciences)

The following have been appointed to the AHRC Peer Review College:

  • Dr Lisanne Gibson (Museum Studies) – reappointment
  • Dr Audrey Horning (Archaeology and Ancient History)
  • Ms Suzanne MacLeod (Museum Studies)

The following have been appointed to the ESRC Peer Review College:

  • Professor Steve King (Historical Studies)
  • Professor Keith Snell (Historical Studies)

Other distinctions

  • The SRIF-funded WASP Project (in which Physics and Astronomy is a partner), has won the 2010 group achievement award of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Student distinctions

  • Mr Albert Benghiat (BSc Geology 2) and his wife Jill have won (jointly with another project) the ENI Geological Challenge award 2009 for their Alstonefield Geo-Hut and the Geo-Hut concept.
  • Mr Ryan Bartlett (MGeol Applied & Environmental Geology, graduated 2009) has been awarded the Mineral Deposits Studies Group project prize (worth £250), for the best undergraduate project in Applied Geology in the UK.
  • Laurent Darras (Geology research student) has won the prize for best poster at the December 2009 Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association.
  • Claire Fullarton (Chemistry research student) has been selected as one of only two students from the UK to attend the 60th Interdisciplinary Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Landau in June 2010.
  • K. Gaurav Gupta (B.A. Economics 1) has won the Indian Men’s Senior Foil title (to add to his Indian Men’s Foil Junior title). He was also placed 14th in the recent BUCS Championship.
  • Dan Hopkins (M.Geol. 4) and Nathan Thomas (M.Geol. 4) have each received £500 bursaries from the London Petrophysical Society
  • Aggregate Industries have announced the winners of 10 bursaries to Geology Department students, each worth £1000 each. Winning Geology students are Helen Ford, Callum Ginbey, Elliot Green, Amy Hepher, Neil Howett, Jonathan Hunt, Adam Jones, Michael Roberts, Tracey Vaitekaitis and Laura Wilson.
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