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Dr Roderick Salisbury

Appointment to the Tracing Networks Research Network Programme

Dr Roderick Salisbury has recently joined the University as a member of the Tracing Networks research programme with the School of Archaeology and Ancient History.

In his new role, Dr Salisbury is coordinator and project manager for the Tracing Networks programme, managing seven linked research projects and contributing to the intellectual framework of the project, and to the design and implementation of the overarching ontology architecture for all Tracing Networks component projects, including linking the ontology with a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Dr Salisbury’s research interests are in human-environment interactions, networks of communities and exchange in the Neolithic and Copper Age of Central Europe, and the role of soils in past societies and archaeological research. In his project Neolithic Archaeology and Sediments Körös Area, he combines geoarchaeology, remotely sensed data and GIS with landscape and ecology themes to explore the relationships between environmental change and cultural developments. He took his PhD in Anthropology from the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he held an IGERT Fellowship in GI Science and was a member of the Social Systems GIS Laboratory, working on spatial analysis, GIS and archaeological information systems.

As a PhD researcher, Roderick held a Fulbright Fellowship in Hungary, where he began investigating the impacts and mitigation of climate and environmental change in prehistoric farming communities. In addition to his work in Tracing Networks, he participates in multinational research projects in Hungary and Austria.

Dr Salisbury is a member of the European Association of Archaeologists and the Society for American Archaeology.

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