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The Heart Head and Hands - Image Gallery

Mouse-over the images below for captions:

Ralph Brown, 'Pomona'. Charlotte Mayer (FRBS), 'Tree of Hope' Charlotte Mayer (FRBS), 'Centrus'.

Terence Coventry, 'Couple I'. Terence Coventry, 'Vital Man'.

Charlotte Mayer (FRBS), 'Kasta'. Left to right: John W Mills, Column Somersault with Tuck; Derek Howarth, The Curates Egg.

Derek Howarth ARBS 'Simply Spliffing' ? A Spaced-Age Icon'. Derek Howarth ARBS, 'The Curates Egg'. John W Mills PPRBS ARCA FRSA 'Column Somersault with Tuck'.

Miles Halpin, ‘The Spideriness of Spiderhood’. Stephen Duncan ‘Prophet IV ‘The Augeries of the Brain and the Heart’’. From left to right: Sheila Vollmer, ‘Tower Line’; Diane Maclean, ‘Stranded Head, Stranded Heart’.

Peter Carter ‘First Born’ Stainless steel. Olive Wootton ‘Metamorphosis of Daphne’. Nicola Beattie ‘Hold me Close’.

Brian McCann ‘On Far Flung Empires of Rain (2)’. Denis O’Connor ‘Barna Idyil’. Claudia Borgna ‘Everything must go’.

Diane Maclean ‘Stranded Head’.

Click here to watch a video of Bilhenry Walker's 'Synaptic Sinew V' installed in the Botanic Garden.

Please note: this page will be updated with further photographs during the course of the exhibition.

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