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Out of This World Experience at University of Leicester

Supermassive black holes and space observations forms just part of the varied programme of events at the University during National Science and Engineering Week.

Out of This World Experience at University of Leicester

National Science and Engineering Week 6 -14 March

06 February 2009

What have Jennifer Aniston and out of this world topics got in common?

Well they feature in the University of Leicester’s celebration of Science and Engineering Week from 6 March -14 March.

During this week the University of Leicester will be hosting a range of events to engage, excite and expand minds of all ages. The campus will be buzzing as staff and students line up an array of activities to interest you.

A range of activities has been planned, open to members of the public, highlighting topics as varied as cancer awareness, DNA technology transfer and ancient craft traditions.

On Saturday March 7, there is a Science Activity Day with a range of activities for people of all ages. The day will include the conclusion of the 'Leicester Invents' competition with the presentation of awards in the Bennett Building foyer at 12 noon. The following week, on March 14, a Science in the Community session will see activities at the Highfields Community Centre.

Professor Annette Cashmore, Sub Dean Medicine and Biological Sciences, and Director of the GENIE CETL* said: “This packed programme of fun and informative activities offers something for everyone and we will be pleased to welcome members of the public to the campus. This year, as part of our continuing outreach activities, we are also taking science into the community and we hope that this will inspire youngsters to consider the potential of science and engineering to transform our lives in the future.”

  • The GENIE (Genetics Education Networking for Innovation and Excellence) CETL (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning)

Click here to to view the full programme.

Events at the University during National Science and Engineering Week will take you from space observation to the analysis of DNA.

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