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Spider in the GardenSpider in the Garden

Miles Halpin's giant spider creation features in University of Leicester's annual sculpture exhibition

Academic high-flyer Academic high-flyer

Civil safety expert working with DHL aerial support

Big it Up Bulletin - July 2010

The latest update for Big It Up campaigners on major projects and good news stories for Leicester and Leicestershire, brought to you by Leicester Shire Promotions

For Hope Against Cancer academic hopes to raise 600For Hope Against Cancer, academic hopes to raise £600

On 1st August, Dr. Don Jones from the Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine will be throwing himself out of an aeroplane to raise money for local charity Hope Against Cancer.

Iron in the soulIron in the soul

Curator of the University 's annual sculpture exhibition discovers his love of metalwork runs in the family

Creative learning offers free class to lucky winner

Book now for arts workshops at Embrace Arts at the RA Centre

Bag lady with a differenceBag lady with a difference!

A unique piece of artwork takes a special place in the University's sculpture exhibition

Heart, head and hands - a look beneath the surface

Geology tours will explore the natural origins of sculptures

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