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Leicester Students Union works to help Ethiopia

A rider and their tandem used for the sponsored bike ride

Leicester's Students' Union works to help Ethiopia

Sponsored bike ride supports Leicester's Gondar Link

This year the Students’ Union has been very keen to support the Gondar Link and various fundraising events. We have started conversation with the Students' Union Association in Gondar and are keen to continue exploring links between Leicester students and those in Gondar.

At the beginning of the academic year we launched the 'Recycle your mobile phone' initiative. The Raising and Giving (RAG) Association were extremely helpful in logging the old mobile phones. This is an ongoing project, so for those of you that still have old phones cluttering up your desk please pop them in the internal mail addressed to Kate Newton, Students’ Union.

More recently I participated in the sponsored bike ride around Rutland Water and whilst this was meant to be a sponsored 17 mile ride, we ended up doing 25 miles which was totally hilarious on a tandem bike and even included an ice-cream break by the picturesque Normanton Church. The event attracted over 30 riders on a fabulously sunny day with a sumptuous picnic provided at the end. Most of the participants were not students but judging by the success of the event, I look forward to exploring further fundraising events to include more students such as cricket matches over the coming year.

If you would like further information about the Leicester-Gondar Link, please contact our Link Administrator, Nichole Bruce on Telephone 0116 252 5321 email or see our website.

Kate Newton

Welfare and International Officer, Students' Union


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